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Simply input your details and the cost calculator will provide a rough estimate of the cost to edit your paper. Costs given are based on a line-by-line comprehensive review that includes edits in 10 overarching categories: page formatting, structure and organization, reference list, citing and quoting sources, tables, figures, appendices, mechanics of style, writing style, and ethical compliance. Check out our long list of testimonials for a taste of just how valuable this service is!

If cost is a concern, we have several options to shift more of the work to you. These options can work well if you are detail oriented and have the time and energy to go through an assessment scorecard or a task list on your own. We tailor our services to you, so you get just the level of support you need.

You focus on conducting research, writing up the report, and squeezing in a life around the edges. We’ll make sure you’ve met all the guidelines, and we’re just a click away.

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