Spelling and Punctuation When Texting

Punctuation and Spelling When Texting

When I text, I can’t seem to bring myself to omit periods, start sentences with lowercase letters, and use abbreviations. My kids tell me I am overthinking things. What do you editors do? Is it okay to forget about spelling, punctuation, and capitalization when...
How to use commas in pairs

Comma Usage: How to use multiple commas

Question: I’m wondering about comma usage. How do you punctuate a sentence like this to show that the dependent clause applies to both Johnny and Lisa (and not Lisa alone): “Johnny went to the park and Lisa went to the beach because it was nice outside.” Comma...
Ordering reference entries that have the same author and the same year of publication

APA same author same year reference ordering?

How do I go about ordering references with the same author and year of publication? If more than one entry has the same author(s) with the same year of publication, the entries are then alphabetized by title. Letters (a, b, c, etc.) are added to the year of publication to differentiate the entries.