At Editarians, we often work with clients whose documents donít fit neatly into a category. Most writers put their hearts and souls into their written works. Making sure your writing has been properly edited is the final step thatís not to be missed. Your finished manuscript is going to exist in the public eye for a long time with your name on it. You need to be certain it has been done right. Our proven track record makes Editarians a natural choice.



Are you looking to self-publish a book or e-book? Do you have a screenplay or manuscript you would like proofread prior to submission? We can help! If your work is nonfiction, we can also assist with fact checking, indexing, and other related services.

A key pillar of our business success is that we donít try to write your documents for you. Itís your voice, your creative expression. Our editors bring a fresh set of eyes and professional, unbiased advice, but we keep the pen in your hand. In the end, we want to hear you exclaim, ďThatís exactly what I wanted to say!Ē

Job and Grant Applicants

Are you looking to advance your career with a new job? Is your resume ready to knock Ďem dead, or does it have dust on it from the 1990s? Is your business undertaking a grant application? Does the application showcase your professionalism, or does it put your professionalism into question? When so much is on the line, nothing gives confidence like knowing your application is polished and pulled together. Many clients who hired us to edit their theses or dissertations have also requested our resume and cover letter editing services (at a great discount!) to ensure the calibre of their candidacy matches the calibre of their skill set. Editarians' professional editors can help you move up the corporate ladder, too.

Personal Documents


Sometimes it really matters to get the details right. When you want to be certain your important document has the right expression and has been proofread to perfection, choose to have it reviewed by one of our editarians. A fresh set of eyes can make all the difference, especially when you know your privacy will be strictly upheld.


If you are embarking on a new venture to set up a business, you might need some help with blog entries, website content, marketing collateral, press releases, speeches, or other communication pieces. Editarians began in 2002 as Documedic, a solo freelance business, so we know the hurdles you need to overcome to compete with more established organizations.†Talk to us today about the specialized services and prices we can offer you!

Copyright Protection and Confidentiality Guaranteed


Whether a Fortune 500 company or an individual with a great idea, protection of intellectual property is a huge concern, and itís one Editarians takes very seriously. We abide by a strict privacy policy, and weíll happily sign a non-disclosure agreement, either our own or one of your choosing. Moreover, we safeguard your files with encryption to and from our site. The confidentiality of your hard work is safe with us. Guaranteed.