You've come to the right place for online editing services for your academic work. We are experts in academic editing, specializing in APA style and Chicago style, and we guarantee the quality of our edits.

We Can Help You With Any Academic Work

  • Admission essays and letters
  • APA style papers and assignments
  • Chicago style papers and assignments
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Dissertations
  • Essays
  • Journal articles
  • Major reports
  • OCPs
  • Reports
  • Resumes
  • Theses

You'll Love Our Unique, Collaborative Approach

We assist student clients in three important areas:


Writing skills: grammar, mechanics, expression, consistent adherence to the style guide

Advanced word processing skills: inserting captions, creating tables of contents, paginating, setting up style sheets

Academic honesty: avoiding unintentional dishonesty through copyright infringement, inadvertent plagiarism, or improperly quoting or citing sources

Why Do So Many Students Choose Editarians?

Number 1We know what we're doing.

For many harried students, the need to submit papers according to APA style or Chicago style is like loading a camel with straws. On top of other school, work, and family commitments, you understandably fret over how you will ever master pages of detailed style guide information. We confess that we love grammar, punctuation, and manuscript preparation, and we know our APA and Chicago manuals as dear friends. Our job is to take as much of the load off your back—and your mind—as possible.

Number 2We save you time and stress.

wallclockEverything about our system is designed to make things easier for you. You may have files all over the place, but we don't. We're organized, so nothing relevant to your project gets misplaced or forgotten about. We're also experts in word processing. Many students find it stressful and time consuming to figure out how to insert figure captions, create a table of contents, format hanging indents, and set up heading styles—but we do it all the time. Over and over we hear from clients how relieved they are that we are minding the picky details so they can focus on getting their research and writing done. Our clients submit with confidence, knowing that their papers are going to meet all committee expectations. That kind of peace of mind is priceless.


Number 3 We meet our deadlines and our promises.

We know that you have deadlines, so we don’t mess around. You can count on Editarians to manage workflow so that we deliver as promised. We guarantee it. We’ve never missed a deadline yet.


Number 4 We work for YOU and we’re there when you need us.

Writing a major report can be a solitary endeavour. Could you use an ally? Someone to partner with, who can advise, assist, and encourage you? Someone whose integrity is rock solid, who’s looking out for you? A good editor makes the process of putting it all together so much easier. Our editors proceed in partnership with you: we work fastidiously to ensure your final version not only reads accurately, but also retains your voice and style.

Many of our students are online in the evenings and weekends—and so are we. Plus, we actually welcome your calls and questions.


Number 5We offer free quotes.

Send us any document and we’ll give you a complimentary evaluation with absolutely no obligation. Really!



referralNumber 6We pay referral fees.

You can opt to have payments sent to you, added to your account, added to the account of the person or company you referred, or donated to charity. For more details, check out our referral program!


Remember, We Can't Write It For You


The pen stays in your hand: you write the paper, your supervisor ensures the content is acceptable, and we polish it to perfection. We never cross the line of authorial integrity. We can of course point out any deficiencies or problems we notice, for the student to correct. For more information, please see our section on business ethics.