What do you charge?

We typically charge an hourly rate, but we may also quote on a per-project basis. Our base rate is $95/hour. We charge individuals and nonprofit organizations $80/hour, a 15% discount. For full-time students, we charge $65/hour, a 30% discount. Our rates average out to pennies per word and are extremely competitive for the quality of work we provide, especially since we stand behind our results 100%. We can set a ceiling of hours to meet your budget, and we can assist with modified payment terms. Contact us today to see how flexible we are! (Rates are in Canadian dollars and do not include GST.)

Do you charge rush rates?

Rush jobs may have a surcharge added, depending on circumstances; any such charges will be outlined and agreed upon by both parties before work proceeds. We are usually able to accommodate rush jobs without having to increase our rates.

Why do you charge per hour and not per word (or per page)?

We bill in tenths of an hour. Per word or per page pricing has one main benefit: it allows for easy estimates. Our competitors charge that way so they can give you a quote without ever looking at what needs to be done. In reality, not all words need equal attention; not all pages have an equal word count. When we give a quote, we've actually taken the time to review your work. We're basing our quote on experience, not numbers. We think it's unfair to all parties to bill two documents with the same word count the same amount, even if one were well written and in need of only minor revisions while the other needed major structural or stylistic improvements.

Isnít your pricing more expensive? Iíve seen sites charging just a few cents per word.

Our internal review has shown that time we spend on files averages out to pennies per word, comparable to the competitionís pricing. Consequently, billing in tenths of an hour is as affordable while also being more fair.

Will I know how much time has been spent on my project?

Of course. We keep track of our time, and you can easily check up on the status of your project. (By the way, youíll never catch us billing for time we havenít spent working. That just isnít the way we roll.)

If I refer someone, when can I expect the referral fee?

We'll pay out your $50 referral fee or apply it to your account as soon as the client has paid the retainer invoice.

I've heard I can get a discount for referring business. How does this work?

If you are a current client who has referred business to us, you can opt to have the referral payment deducted from your total rather than paid out in a lump sum.

Can you give the referral fee to another person? Or a charity?

Yes, of course! We can apply the referral payment as a discount for the client in question. We also pay referral fees to our charity of choice, Health Reach Canada, or another of your choosing. It's your money, so please spend it any way you'd like.