Submission Process

How do I get the free quote?

Just fill out our Inquiry & Submission Form. We treat every inquiry in confidence. We will review your work and estimate how long an edit would take. There are absolutely no fees or strings attached.

Sign me up! How do I†get started as a client?

Awesome! Fill out our Inquiry & Submission Form to get the ball rolling. We'll send you a retainer invoice and set up your project in our collaborative work space. You can expect a welcome message to log in. Any files or documents relevant to your project will be uploaded and ready to go.

Can I speak to somebody? I have a few questions.

Of course! Send us an email or give us a call with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

What happens if the work cannot be uploaded (the information is in a corporate database or other internal program)?

Not to worry, we do a lot of specialized corporate work. In some cases, an IT administrator sets us up with needed privileges for the duration of the project. For local work, we can go to the client site. It just depends on the nature of the project, length of time we'll be working together, and the sensitivity of the database or program. Contact us and let's see what we can do.

Will you sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA)?

Absolutely. We have our own NDA; we are also happy to sign your corporate NDA. We take the confidentiality of your personal and professional information very seriously. For more information, please have a look at our business ethics policies.

How do you maintain confidentiality?

It is our policy to consider any document not within the public domain or otherwise freely available to the public to be confidential. Our duty of confidence is neither to disclose nor make use of any information for any purpose other than that intended by our client. All documents are received, acted upon, and stored or deleted so as to ensure the confidentiality of the information contained therein.


Editing Process

What is your editing procedure?

You upload your file(s) into your secure work space. We edit it, tracking our changes, and then upload the edited version. The work space keeps everything organized. As well, we use a file naming strategy to prevent file confusion. You'll get an email when the edits are ready to review, so you don't have to monitor the work space. The details of this procedure, including important doís and doníts, are clearly explained to new clients.

Is your collaborative work space complicated to learn? I'm too busy for that.

Happily, no. There's practically nothing to learn. Our clients love that everything to do with their project is safe and secure in one place. You'll appreciate how simple, effective, and ORGANIZED our system is.

Document Icon

Click the icon to see a screenshot of a sample student project.

What does the edited file look like? How do I know what has been changed?

We use track changes to mark our edits. You simply review the changes and accept as appropriate. If you're not familiar with track changes, we'll provide a detailed explanation. Check out our sample edits page to see what tracking looks like in a document.

Do you ever explain the edits you make?

Yes, we do! When we have a question or need to explain something, we insert a comment. Comments allow us to communicate without compromising document integrity. With every file upload, we'll send you a message outlining what we've done. As with files, all messages are stored in the work space. At any time, you can see what has already been communicated about your project.

What if I donít agree with an edit that youíve made?

We encourage you to speak up so we can explain our reasoning. One benefit of hiring an editor is the opportunity to be reminded of the finer points of written English that perhaps you donít recall from your grade school days. However, if you want to revert to the original, that is unquestionably your prerogative. Itís your document, so you have the final say.

What are your turn-around times?

For smaller documents or sections of larger projects, we can usually have an edited version returned to you in short order, almost always within a day or two. Depending on our workload, we may be able to accommodate rush jobs within a few hours. If our work together is on-going, it is helpful to notify us in advance if you require a certain section back more quickly. It is then much easier to promise a fast turn-around time. Our objective is to serve you; thus, we strive to meet your needs as best we can. We often work evenings and weekends, especially if we know you have a tight deadline looming.

I'm a student. Should I send you my thesis before or after it has been reviewed by my faculty supervisor?

Theses and dissertations, or sections thereof, should be sent after they have been approved by your faculty advisor. If you are working with us as you write, sections can be sent in any order, although it is very helpful to have the reference list as soon as possible. If you have completed your writing and send your paper in its entirety, we may break each chapter into a separate file for ease of working (and then piece the paper back together for you).


Billing Process

What is the retainer invoice?

We ask for a retainer fee of $150 to secure our services and commit your project into our workflow. The retainer fee is reimbursed in the final invoice; it is not an additional fee.

How do you bill for your work?

We charge per hour, in tenths of an hour. Our base rate is $95 CDN/hour. We offer a 15% discount to government and nonprofit clients ($80/hour) and a 30% discount to full-time students ($65/hour). Our rates work out to pennies per word, which is very competitive. For ongoing work, we will send an invoice monthly. Within a few days of a project completing, we'll send the final invoice. Payments not received within 45 days will incur a penalty of 2%, unless payment terms have been agreed upon beforehand.

What types of payment do you take? Can I pay by credit card?

We do the majority of our billing through PayPal. Clients can pay from an existing account or with a credit card, whichever they prefer, without having to share any financial information with us. PayPal accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. If clients prefer, they may also send payment by cheque or via online banking.

What can I do to save money?

Anything that saves us time saves you money, and often many things can be done to prepare a document before sending it our way. This is especially the case with long documents such as theses. We offer clients helpful checklists for document preparation, although of course you can also choose to leave everything to us. Additionally, clear communication and a well-thought-out editing process can eliminate costly and time-consuming duplication of effort. Editarians' process has been honed over time to make things as streamlined as possible.

Do I have to pay upfront to get my documents back?

Of course not! Our working relationship is founded on trust: We will deliver your files, make sure work has been completed to your complete satisfaction, and issue our final invoice. Not many of our competitors will do that.