Frequently Asked Questions


How It Works

Submission iconHow do I get the free quote?

I'm ready to get started. What should I do to get set up as a client?

I have a few questions before committing. Can I speak to somebody?

What happens if the work cannot be uploaded (the information is in a corporate database or other internal program)?

Will you sign a nondisclosure agreement?

How do you maintain confidentiality?


editing process icon

What is your editing procedure?

Is your online work space complicated to learn? I'm too busy for that.

What does the edited file look like? How do I know what has been changed?

Do you ever explain the edits you make?
What if I donít agree with an edit that youíve made?
What are your turn-around times?

I'm a student. Should I send you my thesis before or after it has been reviewed by my faculty supervisor?


Billing icon

What is the retainer invoice?

How do you bill for your work?

What types of payment do you take? Can I pay by credit card?
What can I do to save money?

Do I have to pay upfront to get my documents back?



Pricing and Payments

CalculatorWhat do you charge?
Do you charge rush rates?
Why do you charge per hour and not per word (or per page)?
Isnít your pricing more expensive? Iíve seen sites charging just a few cents per word.
Will I know how much time has been spent on my project?

If I refer someone, when can I expect the referral fee?

I've heard I can get a discount for referring business. How does this work?

Can you give the referral fee to another person? Or a charity?


General Questions

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What types of editing do you do?

How much experience do you have?

I've had a certain editor recommended to me. Can I request to work with her?

I work with sensitive information. Can you guarantee the confidentiality of my files?


Student Questions

pencilsHow much would it cost to edit my paper? How long will it take?

My paper has to be written APA style (or Chicago style). Can you make sure everything is right?

Can you edit my paper for APA style (or Chicago style) only? Everything else has already been checked.

What is included in a student edit?

Should I send you my thesis before or after it has been reviewed by my faculty supervisor?

Have you worked with anyone from my university (or program)?

My program has guidelines I have to follow. Can you help with that?

My school has ethical guidelines editors must follow. Do you do that?


Technical Questions

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What versions of Word can you accommodate?

I use a Mac. Are there any issues with using Word for Mac?

Can you work with programs such as Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Publisher, and Microsoft PowerPoint?