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So Many Reasons to Choose Editarians

Don't trust your important documents to just anyone. Here are six of many great reasons to hire Editarians:


1. Rock Solid, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


If your file is not on time, it’s free. (Of course, this has never happened. But isn't it nice to know you're backed up by our guarantee?)


If we do a full edit and a review committee finds anything in your thesis or dissertation we missed, we will redo it or fix it at no additional cost. (No academic paper we’ve ever edited has required major revisions.)


If you notice inconsistencies in your documents after we’ve worked together, or if you’re dissatisfied in any way, we will fix it at no additional fee. Period.


2. Qualified, Experienced Editors

Our editing team brings an outstanding skill set. Our editors are true editarians: we have detailed knowledge of editing specifics, expertise in APA and Chicago style, technical familiarity with relevant software, and strong project management skills. We know what we’re doing, and we do it well. We would love to bring our expertise and personalized service to your project. Plus, there's no generic “team” of editors here. We’re upfront about our editors and proud to highlight their backgrounds.

3. Fair and Affordable Pricing

Per page or per word pricing is commonplace, but we don't think it's the best way to do things. Every editor knows that word count varies from page to page and not all words need equal attention. Other companies price this way because it's convenient for quoting and billing. Editarians bills in tenths of an hour because it's fair. Our prices work out to pennies per word, comparable to the competition, but you pay only for time spent editing what needs to be done. If your file needs a quick polish, you shouldn't have to pay the same amount as someone whose file is a similar length but needs a major edit. With Editarians, you won't.


4. Industry Best Practices


Systems-Based: Our systems allow us to work efficiently and effectively. We always do what we’re supposed to be doing. We don’t duplicate effort, we don’t waste time: more savings for you.

Collaborative: We’re always available. We work for you and with you. Your finished product will be edited to perfection—and it will remain unquestionably yours.

Secure: We are all about document integrity, back-up protection, client confidentiality, and file security. Your uploads are protected on a dedicated, monitored, and secure network. Full server redundancy keeps the system up at all times, so your project is always available for you to access.

Educational: We know our grammar, our style guides, and our word processors. We’ll gladly share our knowledge with you.


5. Consumed With Customer Jubilation

“Satisfied” just isn’t good enough: We aim for 100% customer jubilation. We solicit feedback, comments, and suggestions from our clients to ensure that we are delivering on our promises. This keeps our bar raised high.

6. Enjoyable to Work Withcoffeecup

We’re perfectionists with uncompromising standards, yes, and we read style manuals eagerly. But we’re not such sticklers that we aren’t fun to work with, too. You don't know how great it can be to have your work edited by us!