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Customer satisfaction is so important to us that “satisfied” just isn’t good enough: We aim to exceed your expectations. A big thank you to our past clients for their endorsements!


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We ensure we deliver on our promises by soliciting feedback from our clients. Prior to August 2014, we used a short survey to measure client satisfaction in five key areas. We exceeded expectations 67% of the time and 99.3% of our clients would recommend us to a friend or colleague! Since August 2014, we have simplified the survey to single rating of 1-10. Here are some recent entries:

10 out of 10: "The APA editing process can be very daunting. Having the support of Editarians was very helpful to ensure that the editing was correct the first time! I would gladly recommend their services to any graduate student." (A. M. Vaughan)

10 out of 10: "Fantastic customer service." (KMc Training)

10 out of 10: "The editing work was extremely thorough and prompt as well. There was no waiting time, which allowed us to submit our article right away. In addition, Karen did some editing that went above and beyond." (D. Scott & D. Louie)
10 out of 10: "I'm very happy with your business! Everything has been excellent!" (N. Jolin)
8 out of 10: "The edits on my papers have been great, and I have no worries about my paper to come. Already recommended them [Editarians] to individuals." (M. Genee)
10 out of 10: "Karen Crosby not only did an incredibly fast and accurate job of editing, she was a pleasure to work with." (E. Bogdan)
10 out of 10: "Good communication, fast & effective services." (W. Wu)
10 out of 10: "Friendly, fast, professional, just wonderful!!!!" (I. Beck)


We invite you to browse our testimonials or read by industry category. Testimonials received prior to the fall of 2012 have had "Documedic" replaced with "[Editarians]." Note: We often work on sensitive files; some identities have been withheld by client request to preserve confidentiality.


Education, Health Care & Nursing, Policing/EMS/Fire, Government & NonprofitBanking, Investing, & Insurance, Psychology & CounsellingConsulting & CoachingIT & Sciences, Utilities, and Other Industries.


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I was extremely pleased with Editarians’ work. My editor was prompt, provided good feedback, and I would not hesitate to contact her the next time I need a document reviewed.
Name and Occupation Withheld


Editarians provides clear, concise, strong academic editing for students doing graduate work. I recommend this service to those who wish to have their writing well edited and copy ready. (September 2012; Faculty Supervisor, Royal Roads University)
Val Grossman, PhD, CEO Health Reach Canada & Consulting for Change


I would still be struggling through this process without Erin's help. This was hands down the best thing I've ever done for myself. It was worth every cent. Erin has impeccable attention to detail and has helped me polish my work into something I feel extremely proud of. If I ever decide to take on another degree in the future, you can be sure I'll be looking her up. I never thought I would meet my deadline and here I am completely finished — revisions and all! I finally have my life back. Thank you, Erin! You have made this process much easier than I ever thought it could be! (March 2012; Royal Roads University)
Danielle Campbell, MA, Diverse Learning Teacher/Coordinating Teacher

Karen does an incredible job with catching simple errors and has a way with words. She is amazing with her skills and professionalism. I love that she did not rewrite my resume or cover letter, but rather just made changes so they sounded better. (February 2011)
Donna Harper, BEd, Teacher


Karen was fabulous! The level of work and commitment to my project were both a priority for the [Editarians] team. I am very pleased with the end result, and I know Karen really pushed through other time constraints to ensure my success. Well done, Karen, and have a great new year! (December 2010; Royal Roads University)
Michael Paul French, MA, Chief Instructor at Northern Lights College


Karen Crosby at [Editarians] is an indispensable asset to the marketing department of [our organization]. Her overall editing expertise is complemented by her comprehensive understanding of our individual style and voice. Karen's efficiency and unrelenting attention to detail have prevented many a last-minute disaster from going to print! Her willingness to take on the inevitable rush job and return the same high level of service is greatly valued and appreciated. Karen's professionalism and quirky wit making working with her an absolute pleasure. (September 2010)
Karen J., Communications Coordinator at [Withheld]


I am so impressed, Karen, with your service. Erin, you are amazing. I just had a quick read of the master file. Wow. When you see it all together for the first time, it makes you realize just what an achievement it is. I will be delivering this to my supervisor tomorrow morning, in person. I’m looking forward to submission day. Thanks so much, [Editarians]! I hope to work with you again one day! (August 2009; Royal Roads University)
John Davy, BA, BEd, MA, Teacher at Chilliwack School District

Documedic, now Editarians, was a lifesaver! Their editors helped me to refine my master’s thesis, and they accomplished this from across the continent! We set up a schedule with deliverables and regularly checked in through e-mail. They saved me an incredible amount of time and provided loads of professional support at a reasonable price. I highly recommend their services to anyone and everyone who creates any documents, but especially professional and large-scale projects that have a lot riding on them. Thank you so much for supporting me through my second master’s thesis!! (December 2006; Cambridge College)
Joy Blanding, MA, MEd, Leadership Development Program Manager at NASA Ames Research Center

The editing services offered by Karen Crosby are phenomenal. She is both professional and thorough. Her insights have offered me a very rich learning experience. Since using her services and receiving her brilliant writing tips, my grammar use has improved and my writing style has become more succinct. I greatly appreciate her kind guidance and strong mastery of the English language. It has truly been a pleasure to work with her. I would strongly recommend the use of her editing services. (April 2003; Royal Roads University)
Caroyln Breland, BEd, MA, Director of Admissions at [Private School]

Calling upon Karen’s expertise as editor of my master’s thesis proved to be a very wise choice. Highly professional and expedient, I found Karen’s services alleviated much of the stress that comes from writing a thesis while working full-time. As a writer, I felt I could concentrate on the content without worrying so much about grammar, APA formatting, etc. I had complete confidence in Karen’s ability to guide me from start to finish. Working with an editor of Karen’s calibre was truly a wonderful experience. It is with great pleasure that I recommend her services to anyone who would like to enhance their writing style, and ensure that their work meets all professional writing standards. (March 2003; Royal Roads University)
Diane Houde, MA, Student Affairs, Bishop's University


I have had the opportunity of using the services of Editarians on several occasions during the past 3 years. They performed editing services for both academic work and general document editing. I have found the staff to be very professional in every sense. They were very responsive to my tight deadlines while still maintaining a very high level of quality. They exemplified all that is stated in the product overview. I highly recommend the services of Editarians.
Russ Pierozinski, MA, Associate Chair, NAIT


Thanks to Karen Crosby, my amazing thesis editor, I was able to locate a misplaced copy of my master's thesis and submit to my employer! Great service; I highly recommend her! (January 2015; Royal Roads University student in 2008)
Rebecca Matthews, MA, Learning Resource Specialist



Health Care & Nursing

Love, love, love my Editarians. I couldn't have done my MA without you! (August 2014; Royal Roads University)
Shelly Bohn, MA, Patient Care Manager, Alberta Health Services


Tanis and Karen both meticulously crawled through each word and sentence of my 130-page master's paper to elevate it to a new level. They were both so very encouraging and were two amazing cheerleaders to the end. I am so thankful I chose Editarians! (November 2013, Royal Roads University)

Laura Zaroski, MA, Senior Staff Development Officer (SSDO), EMS Learning and Development, Calgary Zone, Alberta Health Services


The Editarians are fantastic! I found both [Karen and Lori] excellent! They were both extremely patient with me and were always positive with all feedback. I was so close the submission deadline, but it seemed like Karen was waiting right there at her computer, cheering me on and boosting me to finish with professionalism and poise!! It really helped me to know Karen was there with me every last step. Thank you! (October 2012; Royal Roads University)
Linda Gravel, RN, ENC(c), BScN, MA(Health), Royal Victoria Hospital


Thank you Karen and Lori for all of your editing expertise. I learned a great deal from both of you, and you have helped to give my project the polish of a high quality academic paper. I will happily recommend your services to others in the future. (September 2012; Royal Roads University)
Katherine Donaldson, MA, Supervisor of Recreation Therapy, Fraser Health Authority


The response time and feedback were great! Thank you so much for the hard work and quick turn-around. [My editors were] Kate and Karen. Both were very good! (March 2012; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Justine Dooley, MA, Residential Care Supervisor


Our work with Karen was most enjoyable and productive. Her comments and suggestions were always positively worded. Karen focused on the details which improved the clarity of our document. Thanks! (March 2012; Selkirk College)
Maureen Little, RN, MScN, Nursing Instructor


Karen worked very hard to meet our tight deadlines and to meet our tight manuscript guidelines. She was always pleasant, supportive, and respectful. Thank you for all you have done to support our work. (March 2012; Selkirk College)
Tammie Clarke, RN, BN, MA, GNC(c), Nursing Instructor


Erin was extra patient and supportive. Her ability to stay calm kept me calm to help me meet my deadlines. She was never judgmental, and her ability to provide the feedback in a such a positive way was more than professional. She was always available and her response was always timely. She navigated the course to make it happen for me. Thanks for all you taught me, Erin. Karen, your leadership was superb. I am extremely grateful for the service you provided me. You exceeded my expectations. Thanks. (November 2011; Royal Roads University)
Kora Otto-Shannon, MA, Program Director, Seven Oaks General Hospital


I am happy to say that I heard this week that I have received full approval with no revisions required. I believe that Erin was a major factor in the success of my OLP. Her expertise and diligence are exemplary, and I would be happy to recommend her to anyone. Erin was more than an editor. Her expertise made her an invaluable partner in my project. (October 2011; Royal Roads University)
Christine Halpert, Manager Public Health Nursing Program, Fraser Health Authority


Lori and Karen were both involved in editing my thesis. I appreciate their expertise as well as their positive encouragement. They supported me through this process, for which I am very grateful. I am extremely happy with the results, and I credit Lori and Karen with this success. Working with Lori has been a wonderful experience. Since I had never worked with an editor before, I was unsure of what to expect. Lori exceeded my expectations. She excelled in communicating with me on a regular basis. She was very encouraging and made me feel comfortable with this whole process. I appreciate her expertise and insight. Karen provided me with all the support and encouragement that one could ever ask for. She was awesome! I found her extremely helpful and she always returned my documents in record time. (September 2011; Royal Roads University)
Janet Davis, MA, Director of Care, Fraser Health Authority


Erin Seatter did a fabulous job editing my major project for my master's degree. Timelines were tighter than anticipated, and she quickly returned the paper to me with feedback every time. Her skilled attention to detail immediately put me at ease. As soon as I received the first draft back from her I knew it would all be OK! She completely took the stress out of the writing process. She will forever be immortalized by Library & Archives Canada in the dedication section of my project: "To my editor Erin Seatter: Your attention to detail ensured my ideas came across on the page as clearly as they did in my mind. Thank you, Erin." (September 2011; Royal Roads University)
Nicole Cave, RD, CSP, MA


Working with Erin Seatter was a great learning experience. I appreciated her eye for detail, helping me polish the final paper to a product I was proud to submit. She greatly decreased my stress, knowing that the APA detailing was covered. Thank you, Erin! (September 2011; Royal Roads University)
Heather Miyazga, BScN, MA, Cardio-sciences Unit, Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Using [Editarians] was one of the best experiences in writing my OLP—the feedback, suggestions, support and online communication process was reliable and exceeded my expectations. I also really appreciated how [Editarians] kept up to date on the changing RRU headings and formatting from APA 5 to 6, to RRU writing style—it took the pressure off so I could focus on my writing!!!!!! Thank you! My editor was Erin Seatter. From the first feedback from Erin, her attention to detail and ability to identify areas in my writing that needed clarification were evident. By asking simple clarifying questions, I was able to drill down in my thinking and writing to make specific and concise points. I was truly lucky to have gotten the opportunity to work with Erin! She took the worry away in regards to APA and format, and this gave me the chance to really focus on what I wanted to say—and get my point out there! Thank you Erin — it seems I could not have done this without you!!!!! (September 2011; Royal Roads University)
Bonnie Best, BScN, MA, Manager Sterile Processing Department, Fraser Health Authority


I was lucky to get Erin Seatter as my editor. I cannot praise her enough. Erin taught me a great deal, was incredibly supportive, funny, challenged me to make parts of the paper better, and did not let me down once in getting work back to me. I just would not have accomplished the deadline or the quality of my paper on my own. An editor is essential in higher education and in my mind [Editarians] retains the very best. I wish Erin and the company continued success. (July 2011; Royal Roads University)
Norma Sorensen, MA, Manager of Admitting and Patient Flow, Vancouver Island Health Authority


My editor was amazing! She got my documents back to me in a timely manner and provided explanations along the way for the changes she was making. She was friendly and easy to work with. She made the whole writing process that much less stressful because I knew I had her on my team. Karen had great comments for me on my final review and her insight and attention to detail really helped to make my "good" paper, "great". Thank you! I highly recommend [Editarians]! (July 2011; Royal Roads University)
Parveen Khattra, MA, Dietitian at Children's and Women's Health Centre of BC


My experience was excellent, and Erin did an awesome job staying current with our ever-changing OLP documents. (May 2011; Royal Roads University)
Carrie Sauve, MA, Alberta Health Services Care Manager


As a very busy provincial leader in health care, I was worried that I might not have the time to make sure my work was the best it could be. However, after the editing process I had a piece of work that I was very proud of. Thank you so much. (December 2010; Royal Roads University)
Dianne Martin, RPN, RN, BScN, MA, Executive Director, Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario


I was very impressed. The process for retainment and start-up was easy and great. (November 2010; University of Guelph)
Karen Jackson, MA, Director Learning and Organization Effectiveness, Trillium Health Centre

I was blessed to have worked with Karen Crosby of [Editarians]. She quite literally blew me away with the wealth of comments, pointers, and editorial detail she was capable of. If the details are not your forte you can be assured they are in capable hands with the experts from this company. Karen, thank you for ALWAYS making room for my work and for meeting harried deadlines! Once you find an editor like Karen there is no need to look any further—you have landed where you were meant to be! (October 2010; Royal Roads University)
Eileen Larkin, RN, MA, Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre


Erin Seatter was a superb editor. In my professional capacity as a fatalities investigator in occupational health and safety, my reports are vetted by freelance editors. Erin's performance was superior to any editor I have ever had, with perhaps one exception. I enjoyed working with Erin more than any other editor, because of her personable approach and her innate ability to get inside the subject matter (a bit thorny, because of the earth sciences and cultural gaps between Chinese and Western thinking, perhaps, that I was examining). I know I appreciated the late-hour nature of Erin's responses. It meant I could go to sleep after my late hours, knowing there was a reply in my inbox that I could tackle the next day. (April 2010)
Name and Company Withheld


I completely recommend Editarians! Their knowledge of the finer details of English composition was truly eye-opening, and I was an English teacher! Karen and her team were able to support me in completing my final master's level research project on time. This relieved me from a lot of unnecessary stress and hardship at a crucial time in my life. For that, I am truly grateful. I can say that they have an exceptional team of individuals working for their clients with absolute professionalism. (September 2009; University of British Columbia)
Jean-Gilles Sartre, MHA, Community Marketing Representative at Providence Health Care

I had the best experience using [Editarians]. They offered a great service and a reasonable rate. My editor, Erin, was extremely insightful. She helped me tremendously throughout the process of getting my Major Project done. Her expertise in APA was phenomenal. She was always on time, organized, supportive, and provided clear feedback. I had a very tight timelines for the submission of my MP; she went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure my paper was edited prior to the submission date. I will highly recommend [Editarians] to all my friends and colleagues. Thank you so much for helping me in getting my MP done!!! (September 2009; Royal Roads University)
Haleh Bahrami, MA, Site Manager, Production at Canadian Blood Services

I am a jubilant customer and fan of [Editarians]! I am grateful that [Editarians] was recommended to me by a colleague at Royal Roads University. [Editarians'] thoroughness and expertise saved me hours of valuable time and no doubt many tears. I will stand by my testimonial, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to a friend or a colleague. (August 2009; Royal Roads University)
Sue Garries, RPN, MA, Coordinator Staff Education and Development (Community Mental Health) at Vancouver Coastal Health


Erin and Karen provided excellent editing. (August 2009; Royal Roads University)
Bruce Armson, MA, Director of Group Care Services


Karen and Erin, I cannot tell you how much I have valued your assistance. Your thoughtful comments and expertise have allowed me to focus on the topic and what the research tells us and telling that story without getting bogged down in the APA of it all (I’m a big picture girl—don't bother me with details—but you knew that already). I sure wish I had someone like you two in my life on an ongoing basis. My great thanks to both of you. (July 2009; Royal Roads University)
Catherine Fast, BA, BScOT, MA, Corporate Director, Employee Wellness & Safety at Provincial Health Services Authority

Karen and Erin, thank you so much for all your hard work with this. It looks great! (July 2009; Royal Roads University)
Sharon Stapleton, BSN, MA, Acting Director of Operations, Medicine, at Vancouver General Hospital


The service was fantastic and the work was prompt and diligent. Erin was great in helping ensure that APA standards were met, while cleaning up my writing. It has been a pleasure. (August 2008; Royal Roads University)
Lannon de Best, MA, Health Services Manager at Fraser Health Authority

[Editarians] was instrumental in completing a thesis that I could be very proud of. Erin’s work was professional, timely, and accurate. It was wonderful to be able to focus on the content and to know that a professional copy editor was taking care of the formatting of the document. Erin provided sound advice and direction which kept me on track and was always willing to answer any questions I had throughout the editing process. Thank you so much for a job well done! (July 2008; Royal Roads University)
Heather Findlay, MA, Regional Manager, Healthcare Technology Management at Vancouver Coastal Health

Karen (and Erin) were a pleasure to work with. I had a very quick turnaround time to meet, and despite some circumstances that were beyond anyone’s control, they made superhuman efforts to meet a vitally important deadline. They were in frequent contact and I always had every confidence that the product would be done not only on time, but also to the highest quality. As hard as it is to believe, I actually enjoyed having my work edited by them. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of an editor. (April 2008; Royal Roads University)
Jerry Causier, RN, MA, Director of Care at Northern Health

I used [Editarians] for a master level course. Using [Editarians] made the difference between a good mark and a great mark in my class. This was a great investment for me and my career in academia: receiving this mark allowed me to apply for a master’s program with an improved GPA. [Editarians] also allowed me to rest assured that the little details were taken care of. It was a great partnership; they really respect and complement your own personal writing style within their editing. I would definitely use them in the future and recommend them to other academic colleagues. (November 2007; University of British Columbia)
Jodie Foster, RN, BScN

I found Karen’s expertise invaluable for the successful completion of a quality thesis. I am not a details person, and found myself increasingly appreciative of Karen’s skills and abilities as an editor while we worked together in completing the project. Not only did she correct all the “picky little errors” (and the big ones, too), but made suggestions to improve the overall calibre of the paper. I was thrilled with the final product and highly recommend Karen’s editorial services to others who wish to produce a paper they would be proud to share with others. (April 2003; Royal Roads University)
Sharon Davalovsky, RDH, MA, Manager, Dental Health Programs, Northern Interior Health Unit at Northern Health Authority

Karen’s editing skills were absolutely superb! After several months of being consumed with researching, data gathering, and writing, I had become very protective of my work. Karen’s respectful, objective, and timely feedback assisted me in putting the final touches on a thesis that I was proud to submit as a requirement for my master’s degree. Thank you, Karen! (March 2003; Royal Roads University)
Ev Pearce, MA, Manager Quality and Safety at Vancouver Island Health Authority


Well done! Our organization was on a short timeline and we really appreciated the excellent service. In particular the notes made by the editors to improve the document were extremely insightful. The editors were very professional and efficient, and responded to questions in a timely manner. To ensure we met our timelines, they also followed up with us when the revisions were uploaded to ensure we had received them. We will definitely use Editarians for future projects. (April 2104)
Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario (RPNAO)



EMS Worker


In preparing for my major research project, I was advised by a mentor that hiring an editor would be the best investment I could make, and that advice was spot on. My mentor suggested Editarians as he had worked with them in the past. He had nothing but wonderful things to say! I followed his advice, and worked with Erin Seatter and Karen Crosby, both of whom are consummate professionals. They are kind, friendly, knowledgeable, and open-minded. They reminded me that this was my project, and they were only an assistance resource. We did have a few differing opinions, but these were all handled with ease such that I know I have been able to produce the best possible research paper I could. Thank you so much. I would recommend Editarians for any proofreading/editing project anyone has! (March 2013; Royal Roads University)
Damien Coakeley, MA(DEM), President at Veritas Emergency Management Consulting


Karen did a fantastic job on my web content. I was quite surprised by her knowledge, creativity, and ability to understand what my company and I are all about. I will be using Editarians for all of my future writing projects and would recommend them to everyone. (February 2013; The Dueck Group)
Abe Dueck, Owner and Founder, The Dueck Group


The excellent service [Editarians] provided was the perfect mix of professionalism with a personalized touch. I am sure that this excellent service played a huge role in the excellent mark I received in my dissertation. Your detail to everything from structure to referencing was incredible. I am sure that you would make a very good detective with your sharp eye and attention to detail. I wholeheartedly recommend your excellent service. (September 2012; University of Leicester, Department of Criminology)
Name and Occupation Withheld


Karen Crosby and Lori Burke were my editors. I am completely thankful for their patience, professionalism, and encouragement through the editing process of my major research project. Despite not ever meeting face-to-face with my editors, [Editarians] is set up with a user-friendly online platform that enables proficient two-way communications and easy transfer of working drafts. I highly recommend the services of [Editarians] and Karen/Lori as editors. Their efforts and support were amazing!! (December 2011; Royal Roads University)
Ron Ewanyshyn, MA(DEM), Fire Manager, Kamloops Fire Centre Wildfire Management Branch


This was a wonderful experience, I have never worked with an editor before and did not know what to expect. I was lucky enough to work with Erin and Karen; both were very good. (March 2011; Royal Roads University)
Dawna Marshall-Cope, MA, Director of Information Management at Vancouver Police Department


I would give this service the highest recommendation. Professional and timely. (April 2011; Royal Roads University)
John Macdonald, MA, Professional Firefighter


The thought of writing my Major Research Project was at first daunting. However, Erin and Karen made the writing process less stressful. They were extremely supportive and gave sound professional advice. Erin and Karen made APA 6 my friend! An invaluable service which I highly recommend. (March 2011; Royal Roads University)
Charles Bordeleau, MA, Deputy Chief, Ottawa Police Service


Erin provided detailed editing comments and suggestions, fast turnaround, and was dependable. I will be using [Editarians] in the future for all my editing needs. (March 2011; Royal Roads University)
Rheaume Chaput, MA(DEM), Director of Fire and Emergency Services, City of Belleville


Having just completed my Major Research Project for my Master of Arts in Leadership (Health) at Royal Roads University, I can honestly say that I could not have done it without [Editarians]! Having subject matter experts assist me along the way saved valuable time and money. I made sure that I secured a good editor early on. My editors were invaluable for this program. I even used my great editor for my research proposal and ethics review. I know of fellow students who used an editor throughout the program for projects and papers. I wish to thank my outstanding editing team from [Editarians], Karen Crosby and Erin Seatter, who managed to make my work look good. (December 2010; Royal Roads University)
Pascal Rodier, MA, MStJ, Officer in Charge, South Fraser District


My entire experience was exceptional! [Editarians] was highly recommended to me by a co-worker. I now know why! My editor provided invaluable guidance, encouragement, timeliness, and professional editing. My deadline was met despite constraints. Thank you, Erin and [Editarians]! (November 2010; Royal Roads University)
Doug Odney, MA, Program Director, The City of Calgary Public Safety Communications


The editing staff at [Editarians] did an outstanding job. They were a great resource and very knowledgeable. They always got back to me in a timely fashion. Their work was professional. (April 2010; Royal Roads University)
Vee Fox, MA, RCMP Constable, Station Targeted Area Response (STAR) Team


Erin was fantastic to work with and responsive to my individual needs. Much appreciated. (January 2010; Royal Roads University)
Tam Pozzobon, MA, Alberta Health Services EMS


As I worked through the chapters of my thesis paper for the MA of Disaster and Emergency Management at Royal Roads, the editing services provided by Karen and Erin at [Editarians] were a real life and time saver for me. I found I was able to concentrate on the content with the comfort of knowing the nuances of formatting and writing style were in their very capable and professional hands. I found that my writing style improved chapter by chapter as Erin worked with me through the project, often exclaiming, “Whodaknown!” on many occasions as she pointed out some of the finer points of APA. Both she and Karen were as flexible as could be and always had my submissions back in very good time. The guidance Karen gave me while we worked on the final product was very much appreciated. She was understanding and respectful in suggesting to me that it would be better to move or change some things I had become attached to in the form in which I had written them. I am more than pleased with the outcome. It is with distinct pleasure that I recommend Karen and her company to those whose work or education demands this level of professional writing. (March 2009; Royal Roads University)
James Simpson, MA, Manager–Security Operations/Emergency Management, Victoria


I recently completed a Master of Arts in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University (RRU). Karen Crosby of [Editarians] encouraged and motivated me throughout the major project (thesis) phase of the program. [Editarians] went beyond the call of duty, returning drafts in a timely manner and often working weekends and nights to assist me with my deliverables. Karen brought clarity and order to my writing. I produced the meat, and she edited and organized it in a manner that enriched my message. This exceptional service allowed my thesis to be approved on the first submission. I’ve since learned that this occurs only 50% of the time, so I’m very pleased about that. Karen taught me useful lessons about writing and demonstrated exemplary ethical leadership. She’s a great leader, and I would recommend her company, [Editarians], to anyone!!! (September 2008; Royal Roads University)
Pierre Rivet, MA, RCMP Federal Enforcement Branch


The editorial services offered by Karen Crosby provide a writer with confidence. Her attention to detail ensures you will meet the technical and academic standards required. She clearly is well versed with formatting, the APA style guide, and giving that final polish, and her flexible working process supports any shortcomings you may have as a writer. Her devotion to editing allowed me the time to focus on content and research while having the satisfaction that my wordsmithing would morph into a professional and accepted academic document; the peace of mind was priceless. Plus, she had gooder English than me. :) (June 2004; Royal Roads University)
Myron Zukewich, MA, Senior Investigator




Government & Nonprofit

Thanks again to you [Karen] and your team for the amazing service. I will refer you to anyone that asks how I accomplished such a professional final draft! (August 2015; University of Calgary)
Greg Bass, EdD, Deputy Minister, Alberta Transportation


Editarians provides incredible value for a small investment. Their services are prompt and professional and the site is easy to navigate. This is an excellent service and Karen was an amazing support. (October 2013; Royal Roads University)
Glenna Laing, MA, Acting Executive Director Acute and Emergency Services, Government of Alberta


I was so impressed with the service I received. I felt very supported and will recommend this service to all of my colleagues! Erin's positive reassurance really motivated me as I felt I was a weak writer. Karen was extremely efficient and really assisted me with streaming and articulating my ideas. She was punctual and always provided positive feedback. She far exceeded my expectations for this project. I would never write again without using this phenomenal and creative service! (April 2012; Royal Roads University)
Stephanie Smith, MA(DEM), Canadian Forces Nurse


The [Editarians] staff I worked with [Karen and Lori] were amazing! They always let me know where things were at and when I could expect my document back. They asked questions so that I could clarify pieces in my paper so that not just a content "expert" would be able to follow. I really feel like they helped me take my paper to that next level. They were very professional, supportive, and all around great to work with. Thank you for helping me complete my OLP within APA guidelines and for catching even the tiniest of details. (February 2012; Royal Roads University)
Andrea Eccleston, MA, Football Canada


Karen was very helpful and professional. She responded to my questions in a timely manner and provided me with extra assistance on DOIs and APA when needed. She is extremely talented in APA and editing and makes sure your document is professionally written. I would highly recommend her services (and have already to my colleagues). As a result of her expertise, I was able to produce a well-written professional document for my master's way ahead of schedule. Thanks, Karen!!! (January 2012; Royal Roads University)
Carol Hrenyk, MA, Bosco Homes


Fantastic work by Erin under tight deadlines with marginal quality material to work with. (June 2011; Royal Roads University)
Doug Cote, MA, Emergency Response Officer, Yukon Government - Wildland Fire Management


I had never used an editor before, so using one for my master's thesis was a big deal for me. I wasn't sure how the process would be, but from the moment I signed on with [Editarians] everything was so clearly explained that I knew just what to expect. Erin was thorough and succinct—qualities that are so desperately needed in a graduate level paper. Her turn-around time was really helpful, too, because I had a deadline that was looming. She seemed to really understand all the pressures that I was under—I appreciated her warmness. There is no way that I could have turned in a product that was of the quality that it was if I hadn't used [Editarians'] editing services. (March 2011; Royal Roads University)
Jessica Denholm, MA, CQI Manager, Family Services of Greater Vancouver


Erin was amazing. She is very smart and helpful. She was a lifesaver; professional, courteous, and fast. Overall, the experience was rewarding and helpful. (May 2010; Royal Roads University)
Besima Valentic, MA


Concentrating on research and data gathering is enough to handle during a Major Project. I was delighted to know that I could rest assured and confident in the expertise that Erin, and on the final read, Karen, demonstrated for my writing and editing process. They made the work funeven though it is hard work. I do not know how anyone could function in a project of this magnitude and NOT have a professional editor. It's worth it a million times over, and it is one of the first recommendations I give to upcoming research colleagues. Thanks for bringing that horse to the gate and setting me up for a successful race to the finish line. (March 2010; Royal Roads University)
Janice Waud Loper, CFRE, MA, Senior Development Manager, Tapestry Foundation for Health Care


Many thanks for all your help and for providing such a smooth, no-hassle service! (January 2009; Royal Roads University)
Andrew Wilson, MA(DEM), Manager, Corporate Business Continuity at WorkSafeBC


Thanks for all the hard work and great results. It would not have happened without the two of you. I will always be grateful that you [Karen] and Erin were able to take my work and turn it around so quickly with such wonderful results. I got a two-page note from the thesis committee chair about the quality of my written report, the attention to detail, the depth of research, and my own passion for the work that came through. [My faculty supervisor] told me he has never seen such a note before and that made my year. Thanks for your contribution. (September 2008; Royal Roads University)
Judith Cormier, BA, MA, City of Ottawa


Karen provided a second set of very "skilled eyes." She reduced the stress and frustrations I feel when writing according to a set of very specific requirements. She significantly improved the presentation of the article without altering my voice. She is a very competent professional, who I would recommend to anyone wanting to produce a "polished" manuscript. (2008)
(Name and Organization Withheld)


I just heard from RRU that my thesis requires NO changes! This is very exciting news. (Thanks to a great editor and great supervisor!) Now all I have to do is submit my final copies. I was very pleased with the quality of service I received and the speed at which you were able to review my thesis chapters and provide recommendations. Your assistance made the process much easier and I would certainly use your services again if a need were to arise. Thanks! (February 2006; Royal Roads University)
Krista Maydew, BA, MA, Board of Directors at Skills Canada NWT


I had the privilege of working with Karen on my master’s thesis. Her editing skills were right on the money, and she did an expert job in adapting to my learning and working styles. She was professional, dependable, and was able to address my needs as the project evolved. She had that unique blend of intellectual and emotional intelligence, and she contributed in a significant way to the success of my paper! (April 2003; Royal Roads University)
Linda Shore, MA, Manager of Human Resources at Greater Vancouver Regional District




Banking, Investing, & Insurance

I viewed our website every day, and then when Karen made the changes it just made it all flow, preventing a businessman like myself from missing out on crucial clients through silly grammatical errors. When working with money, finances, and especially people’s real estate portfolios, every little detail counts. Karen has helped to ensure that “every little detail” on our website has not been missed either. Her grammar and punctuation skills are masterful, and even though I originally thought nothing was wrong, when Karen showed me all the tiny errors I was amazed we actually had any clients at all. I strongly recommend, in fact I insist, that you use Karen’s services. We all use an expert to look after our teeth, fix our car, or prepare our taxes. Well, Karen is the expert to look after our grammar and punctuation. I cannot thank her enough for her help—and hopefully my testimonial lives up to her expectations, I checked it twice! A great service by a great team; I will rely on them for all our sites, past, present, and future. You girls ROCK! (April 2011)
Gary Spencer-Smith, CEO, NSS Investments


I have nothing but accolades for the work done by Karen Crosby. I knew I needed APA formatting help and a second set of eyes for proofreading. However, what I received went far past that, taking my paper to the top echelon. How so? Karen helped with all the APA "stuff" but also made significant suggestions in the flow of how I presented my findings, which included verbatim quotes. At her suggestion, they became part of the conversation, instead of "dumped" quotes after the explanatory paragraph, resulting in much better flow and reader experience. Secondly, Karen met my ridiculous time line. What a partner! (December 2010; University of Guelph)
Heather McDonald Cavanagh, MA, BMO Asset Management


Thanks very much, Erin & Karen. It has been a pleasure working with you, although I am glad it is over! I was very pleased with your services and would recommend you to anyone! (March 2009; Royal Roads University)
Suzanne Armour, BA, MA(DEM), Insurance Claims, Risk Management Branch of the Province of British Columbia



Blue Line


Psychology & Counselling

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Editarians. I have classmates who experienced challenges with other editors, and their experiences confirmed to me that I made the right choice to go with Editarians. My editor Erin provided valuable insight and feedback. Her careful and thorough attention to detail was evident, and her knowledge and understanding of APA assured me that nothing would be overlooked or missed. Erin's comments demonstrated how engaged she was in my writing material and confirmed to me that she understood the vision that I had for my paper. I also had the opportunity to interact with Jenny and Karen, who provided prompt and efficient responses to my inquiries. Thank you, Editarians! (April 2016; City University of Seattle)
Linda Lukindo Nwachukwu, MA


It feels amazing to be done [my master's thesis]. I really cannot express to you [Lori] how appreciative I am of your help, support, and unbelievable editing skills. I am so very pleased with the services provided to me from Editarians that I have passed your contact information along to some other CityU students. (February 2016; City University of Seattle)
Dana Walliser, MA


I honestly cannot thank you [Karen] and Erin enough for helping me on such short notice. I'm so happy with the end result!!! Erin, the last PDF you sent looks GREAT! Thank you! I'm incredibly happy with my final thesis. Erin, your attention to detail is absolutely amazing. I'm grateful to have worked with you. (Dec 2015; Adler University)
Lisa Cavey, MA


Thanks for all the work you have done. It really has been a pleasure getting to work with you. You responded quickly to all of my comments and were extremely thorough in your editing. I could not have asked for a better person to review my thesis! (Dec 2015; Adler University)
Alexandra Gelles, MA


Both [of us] love what you have done and are very grateful. We are optimistic that we will be published in [the journal of our choice]. There was a surgeon in our office this morning who wants your contact information. He heard us talking about the article and what you have done and he said that he could use help with his articles. We had nothing but great things to say! (Dec 2015)
Glenda Lux and Jon Amundson, Amundson & Associates


Working with Karen and her team was an absolute delight. I appreciated the professional and expeditious manner in which they edited my thesis, and I am happy to recommend their excellent services. Thank you! (Oct 2015; Adler University)
Wayne P. De Connick, MA, RCC


Lori, thanks for being so warm and welcoming, especially through emails. You're definitely in the right line of work! It looks great. Thanks for the wonderful job you did. It was a pleasure working with you. You made the process simple. Thanks again for everything. (Aug 2015; Adler University)
Tashekia White, MA


Thank you so much! This thesis has definitely been a work in progress but the experience has been worthwhile. Your professionalism and turnaround time have been really fantastic, and I will be sure to rave about it to all the students and on reviews. It has truly been a pleasure. Thank you for your assistance in this process! (July 2015; Adler University)
Mona Hassannia, MA, Counsellor at Immigrant Services Society of BC


Thank you so much for all of your work. It is clear that you have a great deal of expertise in this area, and I have learned a lot from you throughout this process! Everything looks perfect, and I feel confident and ready to submit. Thank you again for all of your help and dedication to this project. (July 2015; Adler University)
Name Withheld


Lori was an absolute pleasure to work with, as was Karen and the rest of your team. :) Continue to do great work and make students happy. Thank you so much! (July 2014; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Cindy Van Hoang, MA


I was very happy with your service. Tanis was wonderful to work with, and I really appreciated her timely and thorough editing. If I move forward with publishing my thesis, I would definitely use your service again. (November 2013; Adler School of Professional Psychology) 
Ashley Pincott, MA


I really can't express how happy I am with your company's customer service and how thorough you've been on my thesis! I've been telling all my classmates about Editarians. [Lori has] been very pleasant to work with. (August 2013; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Marcus Wong, MA


Karen's work on my thesis was outstanding. She was efficient, accurate, helpful, and knew all the answers to my questions. I would highly recommend Editarians' services to anyone needing to polish up their document to a very high standard. I've already recommended them to a friend finishing her thesis. The Basecamp website is easy to use, and there are clear policies on how the editing works and what the writer's responsibilities are in the agreement, so there is no guesswork, which I so appreciate. This was an excellent experience. (August 2013; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Heather Doidge-Sidhu, MA


Thesis writing can be a stressful process, so it helped a lot having someone who was kind and professional to offer support during the final stages of editing. Karen was encouraging, thorough, and responded to my messages promptly. (November 2012; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Angela Spooner, MA


Thank you so much for all your hard work; your efforts are greatly appreciated. I definitely enjoyed working with you and your team. I had a very good experience for my first time going through the editing process. I will definitely pass along your services to other friends still in the thesis writing process! (July 2014: Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Alexandra Stewart, Clinical Counsellor, MA, RCC, CCC


Thank you Karen and Lori for all of your editing expertise. I learned a great deal from both of you, and you have helped to give my project the polish of a high quality academic paper. I will be happily recommending your services to others in the future. (September 2012; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Name Withheld, MA


Working with Karen from [Editarians] was a fantastic and stress-free experience; her expertise and knowledge of the APA format is amazing. I was looking for a cost-effective editing process that would fit within my budget, and Karen delivered an effective and welcoming solution! Karen was extremely professional, but most of all, friendly and honest about the process and cost. Thank you Karen from [Editarians]! (August 2012; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Jonathan Chin, MA, Registered Clinical Counsellor


Erin Seatter was a pleasure to work with. I had no idea what to expect working with an editor, but [Editarians] definitely exceeded my expectations in all areas!! I would highly recommended working with an editor from Editarians. My thesis project is now a piece of art, and I am very grateful for all the professionalism, expertise, and APA knowledge Erin contributed!! Thank you! (August 2012; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Jodie Doerkson, MA


Thank you for your work and assistance. I will definitely use your services in the future. I have been very happy with the work that you did, your consistency, and your promptness. It was a pleasure. (June 2012; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Dominika Szymanska, MA


Both of my editors, Karen Crosby and Erin Seatter, did a fabulous job with the editing of my thesis paper. I was very pleased with their prompt responses to my questions, and I am very satisfied with the final results. I would very likely use [Editarians] again and would certainly recommend it to others. (April 2012; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Kathy Merabian, MA, Family Counsellor at Westcoast Family Centres


Erin was great! She was thorough, kind, and responsive to my questions and requests. I'll be using her again for my dissertation. (April 2012; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Stephanie Conn, MA, Emergency Services Counselling and Consulting


My editor was warm, friendly, and knowledgeable, which made her so easy to trust with this task. She was genuinely interested in the topic of my master's thesis. I am thankful for the high quality of her editing skills and for the pleasant rapport we built. (February 2012; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Jenna Fletcher, MA


It was a pleasure to work with Karen and Lori. Their knowledge, professionalism, and encouragement made the last step of attaining my master's degree that much more enjoyable. They were also accommodating to my time constraints while maintaining their thorough work. I am very pleased with their work, and I would definitely recommend [Editarians] to others! (October 2011; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Nora No, MA, Children Who Witness Abuse Counsellor


Erin Seatter was my editor, and she did a fabulous job! She was quick, easy to communicate with, and understanding of the ups and downs of the thesis process. I would very highly recommend Erin and [Editarians] to anyone looking to take their thesis project from complete to near perfect! (October 2011; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Karolina Dudzik, MA, Mental Health and Addictions Clinician at Vancouver Island Health Authority


Erin is amazing! Incredibly knowledgeable and totally supportive throughout the whole editing process. Thanks Erin. :) (October 2011; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Erica Hudson, BA, MA, Clinical Counsellor at SACCS


I really liked being able to upload my work and communicate with Kate on your website. It was also great that Karen was able to see what was on there. Karen gave me great suggestions on how to save costs and look for some common grammar mistakes on my own. Thank you so much. Kate Adair was great. She was very helpful and gave me suggestions and good feedback. She got back to me very quickly, within a day, when I would upload my thesis. I am glad I got a chance to work with her. (September 2011; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Mindy Lidder, MA, Counsellor


I enjoyed working with Kate Adair. She was quick with her responses and was quite thorough in terms of editing. (August 2011; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Sarah Saeed, MA, Psychotherapist


I am very happy with the service I received and therefore have added [Editarians] and [my editor] to my thanks and acknowledgements at the beginning of my thesis! Thank you! It has been great working with you. I will definitely continue to recommend your services! (August 2011; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Kathryn Atkinson, MA, Ministry of Children and Family Development


[Editarians] was always available and worked very quickly. I appreciate all the help with my thesis. It is finally done! (August 2011; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Robyn McElveen, MA, Behaviour Consultant, Caledon Counselling & Consulting, Vancouver


The editing services that I received exceeded my expectations on every level, from pricing to professionalism! I was amazed at the turn-around time, which was a few days for the entire document, and less than a day and a half for revisions! Wow! I investigated many editing companies, and [Editarians] had by far the lowest cost and the most impressive interaction with the staff. However, the most impressive aspect was the level of revisions that I received. It was obvious the level of care and review that went into every single sentence!!! I would highly recommend [Editarians]! (June 2011; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Chelsea Pilling, MA, Youth & Family Therapist, Mission Community Services Society


My editor was fast and had amazing expertise in grammar and APA style. (June 2011; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Michelle Johnson, MA, High School Counsellor, Surrey School District 36


Erin was absolutely amazing, and being able to "meet" over email created incredible flexibility. She helped me get my thesis done despite my moving countries and changing lifestyles. I am so grateful for her help and expertise. I would highly recommend this service. (May 2011; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Jennifer van Wyck, MA, Cameray Child and Family Services Parent Support Counsellor


The team at [Editarians] did a fantastic job on editing my manuscript. They exceeded my expectations with their knowledge base and timely effort in which they worked. They were very professional and went the extra mile. I am going to recommend [Editarians] to others. Thanks again! (April 2011; Athabasca University)
Kari Cole, MA


[Editarians] were there for me every step of the way, any hour, within the hour, with incredible professionalism and expertise. You were fabulous! (April 2011; Royal Roads University)
Amanda Barros, MA, Social Worker


It was an absolute pleasure working with Karen Crosby at [Editarians]. She was very accommodating to my needs, which I really appreciated. She was also extremely knowledgeable, kind, and encouraging during the whole process, and was very quick to respond to all of my questions both by phone and by email. She truly is an expert editor, and I have already highly recommended her to several of my classmates. (March 2011; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Julia Blaser Mah, MA


[Editarians] provided excellent editing services. My editor was very professional and had a great eye for detail. The services were completed in a timely manner and the cost was very reasonable. (March 2011; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Graham Walker, MA, Intake Counsellor and Family Support Clinician at Homewood Human Solutions


I would have no hesitation recommending [Editarians'] services. As a result of using your services, my school has now listed [Editarians] as an approved editor for future students. (December 2010; Adler School of Professional Psychology)
Helen Craig, MA, Alcohol and Drug Counsellor, Pacifica Treatment Centre, Vancouver



Hands at Paper

Consulting & Coaching

Thank you so much Erin for all your help! You were such a relief at the end of a stressful few months trying to finalize my thesis. I really appreciated how efficient and thorough you were, and I'm very happy with the final, polished paper. I will definitely be recommending Editarians to my classmates! (August 2015; Adler University)
Gillian Harper, MA, Administrator


Karen and the team at [Editarians] exceeded my expectations in all respects. As an international student trying to achieve critical timelines while balancing work and research with family life, I relied heavily on the ability of [Editarians] to review my work and provide timely feedback. They were simply fantastic, both in the manner in which they committed themselves to my timetable, the content and constructive nature of their feedback, and the subject and format requirements of the paper I was writing. I genuinely believe that Karen and the team were the difference between delivering adequate work, just in time, and delivering great work ahead of schedule. The work that we carried out together will stand as benchmark in my life, and I am proud to say that together we created a benchmark that is of the highest possible standard. (April 2011; Royal Roads University)
Paul Raw, MA(DEM), Security and Crisis Consultant


The exemplary service I received from Erin and Karen from [Editarians] with my thesis allowed me to focus more on content and less on form. They were also personable and fun to work with! I was so impressed by the quality of service and the benefit to my thesis. I have already recommended [Editarians] to a university colleague, and I will continue to recommend their service to others. As I venture into the consulting field, and hopefully into pursuing my doctorate, I plan to use [Editarians] in the future. (March 2009; Royal Roads University)
Sue Howard, MA, Addictions Counsellor at City of Nanaimo


I found Karen’s services to be prompt, professional, and helpful. Not only did she help me perfect my manual, but also I learned simple strategies to enhance my written documents using word processing programs. For business, I feel it prudent to ensure that all written information presents a professional and accurate image. We aren’t all wordsmiths. Thank goodness for people like Karen. (2008)
Christy Keillor, Registered Dietician at Healthy Works Nutrition Consulting


On the advice of Royal Roads faculty member David Reagan, I retained the services of Karen and Erin with [Editarians]. I found Karen and Erin to be an excellent editing team who, at all times, provided me with high quality, timely advice regarding APA style and writing quality. Because I was forced to do much of my writing on weekends and evenings, I was particularly impressed by Karen’s willingness and ability to respond at any time of the day or night to the latest draft of my paper, resulting in the completion of my paper well ahead of schedule. I highly valued Karen’s insights and advice, and seldom found the need to second guess any input she had for me regarding my paper. I also found her friendly and very encouraging, which was of critical importance in helping me to stay motivated throughout a very challenging personal learning experience, complicated by ample opportunities for self-doubt. Even more amazing is the fact that she accomplished all this without even having an opportunity to meet with me face-to-face at any time during my major project. In many ways, Karen helped to provide the leadership I needed to complete a challenging leadership focused project, and was consequently a good role model for me. I have no hesitation in recommending [Editarians] to any other learner seeking a high quality editor who is also an excellent leader. (February 2007; Royal Roads University)
Richard H. Eaton, MA, Partner and Senior Consultant at Berlin, Eaton & Associates Ltd.


I had the pleasure of collaborating with Karen on a substantial report required for my master’s degree. I was thoroughly pleased with Karen’s work and her overall attitude towards my project, timelines, and anxieties. Karen was exceptionally diligent in her attention to details, was responsive to my needs and deadlines, and was extremely thorough in consistently applying the prescribed writing standards to which the report needed to adhere. I would easily work again with Karen and would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a conscientious, highly organized, efficient, detail-oriented editor, who is also a great person and someone to whom you can easily entrust your important written works. (March 2004; Royal Roads University)
Lindy Pelletier, BComm, MA, Senior Consultant at [Large Consultancy Firm]


Karen took the clay I produced and shaped it into a clearly defined, succinct work that delivers its message in a fashion that everyone can understand. Working from a distance, with an unfamiliar topic, and with a wordy document, Karen identified the key words, thoughts, and critical concepts, and shaped them into a master’s thesis. She demonstrated a talent for explicating the heart of my work. I am indebted to her. (April 2002; Royal Roads University)
Richard Bucher, MA, Vice President at Right Management Consultants



Keyboard and Hand

IT & Sciences

I was extremely impressed with the services provided by [Editarians]. They were friendly, professional, highly skilled, fairly priced, and incredibly efficient. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking for exemplary editing services. Karen, my editor, walked me through the entire process and made the process completely pain free! I will definitely recommend [Editarians] to my classmates and colleagues, and I look forward to working with Karen and [Editarians] again in the future! (August 2012; Royal Roads University, Environmental Education and Communication)
Ashley E. Manning, BA, MAEEC, PhD Candidate, Human Environments Analysis Laboratory, Department of Geography, Western University - Canada


What can I say, other than this is awe-inspiring and truly remarkable work. I am blown away and very thankful. Thanks again for the quick editing and superb work! (March 2009; Royal Roads University)
Clint Hall, MA, IT Manager at CPX



Power Lines


I have to admit that I’m not a detail-oriented writer, so the idea of having to create a perfect 150+ page thesis seemed daunting at the outset. To discover Karen and her team, through a recommendation from one of our faculty, was a gift. I’m pleased to say that my experience working with [Editarians] was wonderful! They are experts in APA and have a tremendous eye for detail. In working with these very capable editors, I was able to create a product far superior to that which I would have crafted on my own. My sincere appreciation goes out to my editing team, Erin and Karen, for their thoughtful guidance and advice. The final product far exceeded my expectations. Thanks to our collective efforts, this thesis was deemed worthy of a PhD recommendation! (February 2009; Royal Roads University)
Nick Langshaw, MA, Leader of Business Process Improvement at SaskPower

I really appreciated Erin’s fast turnaround and thoroughness. She was fabulous for scheduling me in. Thanks for your constant encouragement. I appreciate having worked with you and Erin. (February 2009; Royal Roads University)
Tara Laycock, MA(DEM), BC Hydro and Power Authority


Karen Crosby is a professional in every sense of the word. She not only has a great knowledge of the written language, but also an authentic desire to coach her clients to success. Karen’s clear, concise knowledge and attention to detail is second only to her approachability and openness. She always strives for a quick turn-around time on assignments, but never at risk of compromising the quality of the end product. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and I would highly recommend her to anyone. (January 2004; Royal Roads University)
Brenda Jones, MA, Learning and Development Specialist, Human Resources at ENMAX Corporation



Blue Line

Book globe


Other Industries

My editors [Karen and Lori] exceeded my expectations [and] completed work ahead of deadlines. I really appreciated the speedy responses to postings and emails. Both editors provided great knowledge in adhering to APA. I liked the way they delivered feedback and would not hesitate to work with them again or to recommend your service to someone else. (October 2012; Royal Roads University)
Kate D. [full name withheld]


Karen Crosby was easy to connect with and genuinely interested in the success of my essays. I felt comfortable with submitting my document with her seal of approval and keen editing eye. I knew that this was a quality service when I asked her a question regarding a change in a quote that I used in my essay. Karen answered my question and referenced the original document that I borrowed the quote from, because she had verified the quote's authenticity as part of her editing process. I would recommend Karen and the [Editarians] team. (February 2012)
Kelly Williams


I had only positive experiences with [Editarians]! Karen was fabulous! She is not only professional and prompt, she also has a personable, friendly manner that made writing my thesis paper much easier and less stressful! [Editarians] supported me to produce a much better product than I had anticipated. If I had to do it all over again, [Editarians] would be my first call!
Name Withheld


I really enjoyed the experience, and the assistance I received reduced my stress levels dramatically.
Name Withheld


The expertise and professionalism from [Editarians] was more than I expected. They provided a reason for any change so that I could follow along and learn with them. The process was user-friendly and efficient. I was able to assist another student with my new knowledge about APA!
Name Withheld


[Editarians] got my thesis edited quickly and efficiently. The staff were prompt, courteous, and very friendly. My input was respected and all changes made to my project were for the better.
Name Withheld


Simply remarkable staff and remarkable service!! The most important thing in writing a major paper is having a second set of eyes look at your work. [Editarians] not only gave me that second set of eyes, but a third and a fourth!! They literally saved me from countless hours of editing, a task which should truly be reserved for the experts...and [Editarians] are the experts you want to have on your side at all times. Not only did I submit a first-class major paper, but I did so with the confidence one can only get from a professional editing service...THANKS A MILLION, [EDITARIANS] !!
Name Withheld


The professionalism and responsiveness far exceeded my expectation. Further, it was both an enjoyable and educational experience working with [Editarians] on my major research project. Stress reduction... big time! Thanks!
Name Withheld


Karen's help with my masters thesis pushed me through the finish line with only two minor revisions out of 30,000 words. Unbelievable! I would thoroughly recommend Karen and her organization to any professional or academic who requires top-rated editing with prompt and effective service. Thanks again, Karen.
M. Spriggs


When I began my master’s thesis, I had no idea how much I was going to struggle with APA and formatting. To discover Karen, through a recommendation from one of our faculty, was a gift. Due to her expert eye for detail, I was able to concentrate all of my efforts on research and content. During the final edit Karen offered some excellent suggestions for change. As unsettling as it was to make those last-minute adjustments, I ended up earning a commendation. We made a great team. Thanks Karen!
Name Withheld


Erin was amazing, and being able to "meet" over email created incredible flexibility. She helped me get my thesis done despite my moving countries and changing lifestyles. I would highly recommend this service.
Name Withheld


If you are looking for an editor, I would recommend Editarians! I am their number one fan. I used them for my master’s project at Royal Roads University and my niece used their expertise to edit her cookbook. I will be eternally grateful for their thorough, thoughtful, and responsive professionalism. The Editarians are expert at what they do. They saved me hours of blood, sweat, and tears! Thank you!
Name Withheld


I was very impressed with the level of professionalism shown by the editors at [Editarians], but what was even more impressive was their friendliness and approachability. I found myself enjoying the editing process much more than I thought possible, and I owe this especially to my editor. Thank you.
Name Withheld