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Meet the Team!

Our people make our company, and we're proud to toot their horns!


Karen Crosby, Senior Editor & Managing Director

Karen graduated with a BA with Distinction in 1992 and moved to Japan, where she worked as a teacher, created ESL courses, supervised English content in a bilingual magazine, edited bilingual novels, consulted, and wrote a weekly newspaper column. She founded Documedic Editing Solutions, now Editarians, in 2002. Since that time she has assisted hundreds of clients to craft their documents such that they convey precisely what was intended. She looks forward to collaborating with clients for years to come.

Erin Erin Seatter, Lead Editor
Erin holds a master's degree in communication. She has worked to prepare academic manuscripts, edited theses and dissertations, and revised organizational documents. Since 2006 she has worked with Editarians, helping clients to polish their writing while retaining their sense of voice. She can often be found at home with her laptop, a cup of tea, and a cat at her side.
Lori Lori Burke, Lead Editor
Lori has been wordsmithing for over two decades. She has a BA with an English major from Queen's University. Lori likes to read, to write, and to run. Sometimes she likes to read and write while she runs. We're just kidding; that would be dangerous. She does, however, like to sit safely at her desk and read and edit what others write; something she has been doing as a technical writer and editor for 20-plus years. She's worked primarily on corporate communications in the oil and gas sector but has also edited software documentation, newsletters, advertising copy, and marketing proposals. As well, she has written for the web and for a community newspaper. Lori enjoys people as much as she enjoys words, and she looks forward to working with you, or running with you, or both.
Caroline Caroline Daniels, Director of Research and Communication
Caroline's early fascination with words and books naturally led to an undergraduate degree in English and a Master in Library Sciences. For 17 years she has worked in the public and private sectors, with a majority of that time spent in post-secondary education. She is a professional librarian who has involvement in project management, information systems, writing for the web, and reference services. According to her, there is a place in every job and profession for good writing and good research! Despite handling thousands of reference questions on various topics over the years, she finds something in each project that renews her engagement and enthusiasm for writers, and the writing process.

Mark Crosby, IT Maestro

Mark started using computers way back in 1976 and assembled his first PC in 1987. He has a BSc in Computer Science and has worked with numerous architectures, operating systems, and programming languages. His employers and consulting clients include small companies and multinational corporations in various countries around the world. He loves creating solutions that take the tedium out of people's work tasks, eliminate redundant activities, and cause people to say, "Hey, I didn't know you could do that!" Thanks to Mark, Editarians' online collaboration has been orchestrated to hum along harmoniously (alright, we'll stop now with the musical references).