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We love English grammar and composition! We review MILLIONS of words each year, happily spotting and fixing blunders and inaccuracies, all while keeping YOUR client experience top of mind. We pride ourselves on our exacting standards, red carpet service, and competitive rates. We offer free initial consultations to new clients. Read on—we’re confident you’ll appreciate how different it can be to work with Editarians!


A Bit of History


Editarians is founded under the name Documedic Editing Solutions. The aim is simple: do an unparalleled job of perfecting clients’ written work. We commit to fulfilling this mission with impeccable standards and uncompromising integrity, which have become the hallmarks of our business.


2005 - We begin expanding our editing team.


2006 - We begin an earnest, ongoing process to examine and improve our service offering. This leads to a number of adjustments to our workflow process, hiring practices, and value-added services.


2008 - We formalize our compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) to give clients added confidence their personal information is being protected and handled according to established guidelines.


2009 - We begin surveying our clients to make sure we are meeting—or exceeding—their expectations. We now have proof of our track record and of just how highly satisfied our customers are. We take all suggestions for improvement to heart.


2010 - Our management team spends a few busy months formulating a solid three-year business plan. In a highly fragmented industry comprised mostly of solo freelancers or entrepreneurs, we have to set our own standards. Of course, we set ours very high. We now have the foundation on which to build a superior company, and to build it right: we want to be better, not just bigger.


2011 -  We are accepted with an A+ rating into the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Southern Alberta and East Kootenays. We upgrade and centralize our IT systems onto a secure, collaborative online system.


2012 - Documedic becomes Editarians! We have changed our name to serve our clients even better in the years to come.

Mission, Vision, and Values


Mission: Do an unparalleled job of perfecting clients' written work.

Vision: Be the best editing company in North America by staying true to our mission.

Values: Professionalism, an ethical approach, teamwork, organization, and results.

Professionalism: Our professional expertise sets us apart from the competition, and we work hard to keep it that way. We have deliberately set our bar high. We think you’ll like that.
Ethical Approach: We resolutely believe that basic fiduciary duties are owed to everyone we work with. You have our complete loyalty, integrity, honesty, and confidentiality.
Teamwork: Collaboration, communication, and openness to the ideas of others are the hallmarks of our editing process. We work together, and we're on your side!
Organization: “Detail” is our middle name. Our system helps us keep track of everything so that nothing falls through the cracks. Nothing.
Results: We want our efforts to make a difference and have an impact. We learn from experience, hone our approach, and continually improve our results. In fact, we want our success to lead to the success of others. That is one reason why we give back to charities that support literacy.


Charitable Giving


Editarians has been proud to donate annually to the United Way through our parent company, Smitix Services. Recently, we have decided to help Health Reach Canada (HRC) in its fundraising efforts. HRC assists communities in the developing world through health and education programs. We love that as part of its mandate, HRC provides basic school supplies to students in Tanzania and Nepal and scholarships to help students stay in school. Basic literacy is a right every child should have. Your donations and donated referral fees can help to make this possible.


“The difference between Health Reach Canada and other non-profit organizations and government agencies is that we do not come in with a program or programs we think the people need and impose them. We do nothing unless the people ask and follow through with us by participating in gaining the desired outcome. This philosophy and methodology helps ensure sustainability and wise use of precious funds.” Click to get more information on Health Reach Canada or to make a donation.