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About Editarians

Editarians LogoSince 2002, our strategy has been to ensure affordable, on-time delivery of consistently high quality online editing, no matter who the editor or client. Our collaborative solutions have been continually honed so that the experience of working with us, from hearing about us, to becoming our client, to working together, to final invoice and ongoing relationship is professional, streamlined, user-friendly, effective, and efficient. Read More


Our Team

Thumbs UpUnlike other companies, we are upfront about listing the names and qualifications of our editing team. We feel this is important, because you ought to know who you're dealing with. Our editing and advisory teams bring outstanding skill sets to Editarians. We live to edit; we love to edit. Our clients see this passion and dedication in everything we do. We would love to bring our expertise and personalized service to your project. Read More


Why Hire Us?

Blue question mark1. Rock solid guarantee: 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.
2. We are very experienced, and our editors' bios are online for your review.

3. We bill in tenths of an hour, and we don’t charge upfront.

4. We have a secure, collaborative working process.
5. We strive for your complete jubilation.
6. We are grammar freaks, yes. But we’re fun to work with, too. Read More


Business Ethics

Scales JusticeWe apply only the highest standards in everything we do, including the ethics of how we run our business, handle client information and documentation, and approach student work. No wonder we have an A+ rating with the BBB. Read More


Testimonials and Survey Results

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Customer satisfaction is so important to us that “satisfied” just isn’t good enough. We prefer our clients to be jubilant. We aim to be merchants of wow exceeding expectations in all areas. Many clients have kindly given us feedback on our work quality, subject matter expertise, professionalism, and affordability. We take to heart comments and suggestions, and we are grateful for and humbled by the fantastic testimonials we receive. Read More